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Leng Jianren quenchs of craft improve
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The graph is shown 1 times for rolling mill 2000kN cold cut machine Jian Ren, its material is 6CrW2Si steel, requirement hardness 52 ~ 56HRC. According to working state of Leng Jianren, blade must have high intensity and hardness, have certain plasticity and tenacity even at the same time. This working position that cuts blade is extremely abominable, manufacturing unit manufactures efficiency to rise, according to the size of good stuff diameter one secondary cuts a few, ten, want to cut two even sometimes, because this Jian Ren is bearing,huge wallop is mixed shearing force. This asks Jian Ren has very good obdurability to cooperate.
According to user report, in producing a course normally, a class should discard as useless on average 2 ~ cut blade 3 pairs. Such certainly will should increase labor strength of the worker, reduce manufacturing efficiency, and the main form that Jian Ren discards as useless is collapse blade is dropped piece.

Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, we made admitting to be analysed really mixing discuss to the heat treatment character of 6CrW2Si steel, do one's best raises concussion toughness of Jian Ren as far as possible below the circumstance that assures hardness.

Improve manufacturing technology and measure 1

1.1 quench temperature

Craft of primitive heat treatment heats to quench 90min of 880 ℃ × , beforehand wine of Leng Zhileng horn cools into oil, hind via temper of 120min of 260 ℃ × . According to the graph 2 are shown, 6CrW2Si steel in 930 ~ 950 ℃ heat after quenching, its hardness can achieve blueprint to ask completely, and concussion toughness can reach peak value. High temperature heats quench the aggrandizement action of the alloying element in steel of OK and sufficient play, raise Jian Ren's obdurability and wearability, because this quenchs,temperature is 940 ℃ certainly.

1.2 temper temperature

Below the circumstance that assures hardness, raise concussion toughness of Jian Ren as far as possible. According to the graph 3 are shown, 6CrW2Si steel at 260 ℃ temper not only can satisfy hardness requirement, and concussion value can reach peak value, so temper temperature is 260 ℃ surely

1.3 antirust decarbonization

Because sensitivity of 6CrW2Si steel decarbonization is stronger, because this cuts the surface before blade enters furnace to all besmear antirust decarbonization coating tries to protect, prevent exterior oxidation decarbonization.
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