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Heat treatment technology is energy-saving 11 big move
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The energy-saving potential of heat treatment is very great, how to adopt measure to strengthen energy-saving it is the main task that is placed before each heat treatment worker. Below only with respect to heat treatment craft energy-saving make discuss simply.

Reduce heat temperature

General inferior of eutectoid carbon steel quench heat temperature is in Ac3 above 50 ℃ of 30 ~ , eutectoid has reached eutectoid carbon steel to quench heat temperature is Ac1 above 50 ℃ of 30 ~ . But in recent years consider to confirm, inferior eutectoid steel is in heat inside the area of two-phase of α + γ under Ac3 slightly quench (namely inferior Wen Cuihuo) the obdurability that can raise steel, drop brittleness transition temperature, can eliminate temper brittleness. Quench heat temperature can reduce 40 ℃ .

Use low temperature to high-carbon steel fast short when heat quench, can reduce austenite carbon content, be helpful for obtaining the attrib wattle martensite that good Jiang Ren cooperates, can raise its toughness not only, and still shortened heat time.

To certain drive gear, with carbolic nitrogen in all ooze replaces cementite, wearability raises 40 % ~ 60 % , fatigue intensity raises 50 % ~ 80 % , in all ooze time comparatives, but in all ooze temperature (850 ℃ ) relatively cementite temperature (920 ℃ ) low 70 ℃ , still can reduce heat treatment to be out of shape at the same time.

Shorten heat time

Manufacturing practice makes clear, according to the effective ply of workpiece affirmatory tradition heats time slants at guarding, because this wants,to heating D of · of K of · of α of = of τ of formula of heat preservation time heats mediumly coefficient α undertakes correction. Handle craft parameter by the tradition, heat in air furnace when 900 ℃ of 800 ~ , α value is recommended for 1 ~ 1.8min/mm, this is conservative apparently. If can reduce α cost, can shorten greatly heat time. Heat time should be planted according to steel the circumstance such as the work measure, quantity that install furnace decides through the experiment, via once decide,optimizing the craft parameter after hind should carry out seriously, ability obtains remarkable economic benefits.

Cancel temper or reduce temper number

Cancel the temper of cementite steel, the fatigue limit that abolishs temper with double-faced cementite piston pin like 20Cr steel fork-lift truck relatively of temper can raise 16 % ; Cancel low carbon martensite the temper of steel, sell bulldozer axle sleeve to simplify to quench for 20 steel voice (low carbon martensite) use, hardness stability is controlled in 45HRC, product strength and wearability rise significantly, quality is stable; High-speed steel reduces temper number, if W18Cr4V steel machine uses saw blade to use temper (1h of 560 ℃ × ) the 1h of 560 ℃ × that replaces a tradition 3 temper, service life raises 40 % .
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