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The invention of electric stove
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The invention of electric stove

Be in light industrial the product is a lot of in the invention, the inventor of electric stove is a journalist, this, also can be first " news " .

This reporter is called cease this, american. Be opposite when his teenager this group course of study is very interested in news, in bright Buddhist nun news of Su Da university fastens graduation later, hold the post of a reporter to a newspaper office namely. Just, time is very not long.

Cease this the change on the career, it seems that a bit abrupt. This " abrupt " , happen in wrong thing:

One day, cease this go out interview, news character is to come from a great rich western. This fellow is an upstart, humanness is crafty and proud, often suffer people censure. Just newspaper of a day disclosed the head his one part privacy, make him greatly rusty. Rest now this should write again civil disclose, more make his be ashamed into anger. It is under a public occasion, he cease this tongue-lashed. Cease this not buy it, two people brawl rises, within an inch of does not have assault. After returning newspaper office, body this the same night is driven draw up a detailed report, deserve to have a picture, prepare to be published on the newspaper the following day. Unexpectedly draft is buckled to send by editor chairman, cease this still was made be taught a lesson. The reason is, that upstart will be one of large stockholder of this newspaper office, newspaper office controller is not willing to displease him. Cease this the air entrainment on gas, resigned at once the position in newspaper office.

"I decide to abandon newspapering, " cease this after returning the home, say to father, "I should begin everything from the beginning. " his " abrupt " about-face, get of family person object, especially other father objects more intense. But, this youth says whats need not answer newspaper office, he decides to want to produce an invention on electric equipment course of study.

That was 1900 around, american power industry is growing, electric equipment course of study begins to show talent. But, cease this electric equipment knowledge is not much, do not know to should do it from where. He employs the mind that exercises when journalist, pass an analysis one time, think domestic electrical appliance is a society the most indispensible. Nevertheless this is a big principle only, specific what should study, there is number in his heart. He is used to with journalist solid some, think to choose to report the theme wants investigation and study above all, want electric equipment of inventor front courtyard, also get above all housewife of homeward front courtyard makes investigation, see them think in daily life appliance the most indispensible what is improvement product? He went out to visit several days, but yield results is not big. Because housewife people the life to itself and job already be accustomed to sth. Do not carry piece what appliance needs to improve. This makes rest this big nerve-racking, he returns the home in, the thing that uses the family takes Dong Qiao look looks on the west, but still take errant definite view, very decent appearance needs to improve, and not which kind of be badly in need of.
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